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Legal Project Management Training, Coaching, Implementation and Consultancy.

Improving law firm productivity and client satisfaction.

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What is Legal Project Management (LPM)?

Legal Project Management is the application of project management principles to the delivery of legal services. LPM helps law firms run projects (including live client matters) more productively.  This helps increase client satisfaction and maintain profitability.  Watch the short (60 second) video below to find out more.

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Is LPM just for large law firms?

No. LPM is scaleable. It is true that, like much else, larger law firms have been able to make most progress with LPM. However there is no ‘one size fits all’ LPM solution.  Different law firms, and different practices within firms, adapt project management principles to meet the needs of their clients.

How relevant is LPM to you?

You may be wondering about the relevance of LPM to you, especially if you work in the following areas:

Fee Earning

LPM should be non-intrusive. It should be part of  your best practice procedures and processes for delivering outstanding legal services.

That said, if you are a solicitor, costs lawyer or paralegal you need to understand where you fit into the legal service delivery team (the project team) and how you can enhance your existing skills with core LPM skills.

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Business Development

You know that prospective clients are increasingly looking more closely at the project delivery capability of law firms.

Most commercial clients apply project management principles throughout their business. They now expect the same from their lawyers.

You can meet these expectations, and be more confident about pricing options, with LPM in operation.

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Knowledge Management

In my experience, law firms turn first to their KM staff  when looking to improve their front-office processes and fee earner productivity.

To achieve these objectives KM staff  themselves need project management skills.

Successful demonstration of these skills increases business confidence in KM staff, leading to much closer collaboration with fee earners and direct access to clients.

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Operational Delivery

Operational staff (esp. IT) are often best placed to facilitate the widespread and consistent adoption of best practice procedures and processes.

Workflow and data analytic software are extremely important, if not essential, for the successful implementation of LPM.

Recently the market has seen the arrival of dedicated LPM software. Which would best fit your needs?

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How I can help you.

I help law firms and other legal service providers improve their legal service delivery.  I do this by providing LPM training, coaching, implementation and consultancy services.

I have a number of standard training courses which provide a baseline starting point (you can download the course outlines from the training page).  I always work with my client representatives before training commences to tailor training to suit particular requirements. The other services referred to above are even more reflective of, and integrated with, my client needs and circumstances.  

So if you would like to start improving your project management skills or would benefit by engaging a legally qualified interim project manager to run some projects for you, please contact me now.  You can also contact me by  telephone (0871 131 6046) or by email (

I look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, why not download my free e-book and subscribe to my blog posts about LPM?

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Download my free e-book: ‘Anticipating Client Need - How To Improve Legal Service Delivery’.